Beremend is a village in Baranya county,Hungary. 10 km far from the Drava  north, near to Hungary’s southernmost point.

A new border cross was given over in 2006 in accordance with the EU regulations.

It was inhabited in the New Stone Age according to fossils.It was first mentioned in a Diploma in 1281. Beremend flourished during the Hunyadi era. After the battle of Nagyharsány (1678. augustus 12.) the village desolated  and the popultion started to grow only int he 1700’s. Beremend already had a school in 1769. From november 1918 till the august 1921 it was under Serbian occupation In the middle of the XIX. century it was mainly inhabited by Serbs but in the 1910’s the majority was German.

Nowdays the majority is Hungarian but there are also Croatian and German minorities.


Above the village there is a 174 m high hill named Grape Hill. The municipallity is actually located int he direct foreground of the Hill.

The Hill was named after the huge vineyards.It is formed by limestone.

There is a crystal cave in the Hill which is preserved.


The main sights are the three monument like churches and the Megbékélés Chapel. The memory column of Hungary’s southernmost point is located here.

The most important events are hold in every July and August in the territorie of the beach.