Beremend is a village in Baranya county,Hungary. 10 km far from the Drava  north, near to Hungary’s southernmost point. A new border cross was given over in 2006 in accordance with the EU regulations. It was inhabited in the New Stone Age according to fossils.It was first mentioned in a>>


It is near-impossible to tear away one’s eyes from the beauty of the countryside around Pécsvárad. From here, the dark mass of the Zengő rises like some gigantic sugarloaf. Squat upon the 682m summit are the remains of a 13th- century fortress. At its foot was built Pécsvárad. The ancient>>


Našice was first mentioned in 1229 in the letter of King Andrew II.It was called Nekche and named after river Našice (Cod. Sc. III, 320-324). During the 16th and 17th century, Našice was under Turkish occupation. Exactly 230 years ago, Našice estate was bought by the House of Pejačević (Croatian>>