Tourinform office Pécsvárad


7720 Pécsvárad, Kossuth Lajos Street 31.

+36 72/466-487



Providing information in connection with inland tourist offers, especially in and in the neighbourhood of Pécsvárad, Baranya County and the South-Transdanubian region, about accommodation, sights, catering facilities and programs in Hungary. The office keeps in contact with the local tourist services, the South-Transdanubian RMI and with the inland offices. The office is also constantly present in the local media with up-to-date news and programs (Pécsváradi Hírmondó, Pécsváradi TV, Hírlevél).



“Vendégház a Zengőhöz”

“Guest-house to the Zengő”


7720 Pécsvárad, Fülep Lajos Street 16.

+36 72/465479, +36 30/2681582

omboli.a@gmail.com, ombolib@gmail.com


It is a private guest-house for 12 people open throughout the year. There are stew-pot and barbecue facilities in the shrubbery courtyard. Egg embroidering, opportunity to learn folk handmade embroidery, guiding and hikes in the East-Mecsek with the road manager landlords.



Gesztenyés Vendéglő és Panzió

Gesztenyés Restaurant and Guest-house


7720 Pécsvárad, Erzsébeti Road 7.

+36 72 465-183

The guest-house has four 2+1 bedrooms with shower, a restaurant with traditional Hungarian cuisine and a beer garden of good atmosphere. Pilgrims can get discount price accommodation (3500 Ft/person) and menu for pilgrims (soup + main dish, 800 Ft) in case of preliminary check-in.



Zengő Cukrászda

Zengő Confectionery


7720 Pécsvárad, Kossuth Lajos Street 33.

+36 72 465-041



Our confectionery waits for the pilgrims in the centre of town with own made desserts, cakes, ice-cream and various coffee offers. Pilgrims with pilgrim passport get an extra ice-cream over 1000 Ft consumption.


Élményvár Pécsvárad

Adventure Castle of Pécsvárad


7720 Pécsvárad, Vár Street 45.

+36 72 671-235

+ 36 30 3878435




The Pécsvárad Castle is a significant memorial place of the foundation of the Hungarian state and the Church, a former Benedictine monastery founded by Saint Stephen. It provides various cultural and family programs throughout the year and several sights as museum, 1000-year-old chapel, garden with ancient ruins, hospital, smithy, smoky kitchen, museum of stonework remains and exhibitions. Restaurant and hotel are available in the castle such as chambers suitable for wedding or conferences. Pilgrims with pilgrim passport get discount price entrance.


Pizzeria Per Tutti

7720 Pécsvárad, Kossuth Lajos Street 22.

+36 72 466-552


It is an atmospheric old restaurant in the centre of Pécsvárad. We are waiting our guests with Italian dishes and daily menu on our constantly widening menu. Pizza, pasta, roasted meat, salads, gyros and tortilla are served. We accept Szép card, Erzsébet voucher and bank card.




In the neighbourhood of Pécsvárad



Ciszterci Rend Szálláshelye és Látogatóközpontja

The Guest-house and Visiting centre of the Cistercian order


7623 Pécs, Szent István tér 6.

+36 72 510-145, +36 20 4403-441




The fully renovated pilgrim house is opening in July 2015. It is located in the city centre with 11 modern furnished rooms with in suite bathroom, 40 beds, tea kitchens, lounge, chapel and park. The past and the present of the Cistercian order and Our Lady canon order is shown in the interactive exhibiting area of the visiting centre. The guest house is in the neighbourhood of the Cathedral, near the significant sights of the town, it can be reached easily.




Rozmaring Vendégház

Rozmaring Guest-house

7720 Zengővárkony, Kossuth Lajos Street 12.

+36 30 441-49-98, +36 30 985-41-10





Our guest-house, reaches the 4-sunflower-level, provides accommodation for 9 person who like fresh air and calmness. The settlement is located 18km far from Pécs on the outskirts of the East Mecsek Landscape-protection area.  In case of pilgrim passport 5% discount is guaranteed.



Erzsébeti Patkolda

Kiss Kálmán

7661 Erzsébet, Fő Street 65.

+36 20 448-92-81




Shoeing an egg is a real Hungarian tradition. Own made motives and ornaments are nailed on the blown out, empty eggs. Special ideas can be worked out too.




Berek Wakeboard and Riding hall

7691 Pécs-Vasas, Gabona Street 12.



Berek lies on 25 hectares in a unique natural environment surrounded by Pécs-Vasas and Pécs-Somogy. On our 5-pillar wakeboard field beginners can get a real sense of achievement while advanced water sport lovers can practise on quality elements. Covered riding hall and other establishments are waiting for the riders. Live through the joy of motion in the open air in harmony with nature.